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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide dignity to all through the freedom of movement. Together, we are creating a lifestyle unprecedented in human history by designing and building products that stimulate humanity’s collective right brain. Utilizing robot controlled technologies, we are focused on safety and security, refined through decades of experience, and fine craftsmanship unique to Japan and our history of automotive manufacturing excellence.

This is Tokyo Robot.


A Lifestyle powered by imagination

The EARTH-I is designed by Kunio Okawara, the world-famous creator of the original Gundam mecha designs and represents the ultimate realization of robotics based mobility. Our Tokyo based engineers have combined the latest in intelligent robotic systems into the functionality and practicality of a two-seat modular cockpit. Foldable chassis design allows for a push-button upright mode, allowing impossible parking with intuitive joystick based control. EARTH-I creates unparalleled command of the road, and is more than a car - it’s your partner robot.


A pinnacle of protection

We believe that women with children deserve freedom of movement without boundaries. The CoCoon is a state-of-the-art baby carrier with a bold vision for early childhood nursing support. It has been designed with a combination of the most advanced materials to form a womb of carbon fiber providing maximum protection for what matters most. Equipped with a geared electric motor and sensor technology systems inspired by automobiles, the CoCoon provides intuitive maneuverability and is a testament to our commitment to ultimate safety. Portability is effortless with the park and ride transformation, providing easy vehicle storage to wherever life takes you. The CoCoon is the ultimate evolution of childcare without boundaries.


The dream of mobility realized

While it is true that as we age, the less mobile we become. However, now more than ever, it shouldn’t keep us from being on the move. The LANDBOARD is our answer to giving individuals of all ages the ability to discover life again on their own terms. Designed around seniors and those who don’t have licenses, the LANDBOARD will inspire a lifestyle of movement while accessing all that the modern smartphone has to offer through a special integrated smartphone dock. Now anytime is a good time to enjoy a sporty ride with the LANDBOARD.

Company Overview

Located in the heart of Tokyo, we strive to combine the most advanced electronics, materials, and energy concepts to research and develop mobility products ready for the future lifestyles of humankind. Tokyo Robot is comprised of the most elite partner-robot engineering team in the world, dedicated to a mission of forwarding transportation for all.